Operating Costs

  Domain Name
  $ 10.76 (Initial Registration)
  Server Hardware
  $ 0.00 (Thanks Whasf!)
  Software Licenses
  $ 0.00 (Thanks Whasf!)
  $ 0.00 (Thanks Whasf!)
  $ 0.00 (Thanks Whasf!)
  VM backups
  $ 0.00 (Thanks Whasf!)
  offsite DB backups
  $ 0.00 (until I run out of cloud space and have to buy more)
  Teo's time, sanity, and soul
  Free Help me I'm trapped in code and it's trying to eat me.

In the future costs could rise for various reasons such as but not limited to:
Domain name renewal typically costs more than the initial purchase price. (very likely to happen)
We may want to move to our own hardware and software at some point.
The future could hypothetically necessitate software upgrades we don't have the licenses for.
Hosting/connection would be needed if we were to move.
The electric bill could go up, especially if we were to move.

We would aim to run cheaply rather than pander for donations.